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Map note creation - documented correctly?

Not an 8.6 thing in particular, but just wondering if this is still the case:

  • For notes added via a double-click on the map background, the new notes are added as younger siblings to the existing note to which they are closest; this should result in a more understandable outline view.

From here.

For me, double clicking wherever on the map always seems to make the note the youngest sibling.

I do get this result, though:

  • If a note is already selected, the new note is added as as next younger sibling to the previously selected note.

(Sorry if this is a thread hijack, and please move it if you feel it would be better elsewhere.)

I agree, if I double-click add notes to a map they list in order of addition in outline view regardless of where on the map I make the note. The linked article goes back pre-v6 and without checking design intent in the new codebase I don’t know if the change is by intent or a mistake.

I’ll follow up, but thanks for the report.

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