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Map pane and associated text pane showing different views

This Applescript causes the text pane and the map pane to diverge:

tell application "Tinderbox 8"
	set thePath to "/Other/Papers/GPT-3"
	set nextItem to find note in front document with path thePath
	set front document's selected note to nextItem
end tell

As you can see from the breadcrumbs below, the map continues to point to /Other/People, but the text pane gets updated. Intended behavior? Bug?


I’d class it as unexpected behaviour in that you might expect focus to follow note selection, especially if you only ever use map view as (manually) you select a container in order to drill down to it. So it is intentional: you’ve set text pane focus to a note outside the current map (whose purview is a single container). Your implied expectation is that map view would also shift.

My recollection—can’t bring exact steps to mind—is similar occurring—not necessarily in map view—in general use, i.e. not scripting, when using Find.

However, if you were expecting the above code to also set focus there may be some extra AppleScript needed (either existing or additional AS function needing to added).

So, bug/not bug is less the question as one of, if scripting as per your example should the view pane shift focus so the selected note is in scope of the current view.

Applescript lets you select notes that you could not normally select, because they’re absent from the current view.