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Map View - Move with Constraint

Is there a way to move one or more Notes with a constraint within Map View?
By which I mean - hold down a modifier key and the Note can only be dragged along 1 axis.


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OK I SWEAR I was attempting this repeatedly but it didn’t work… until you responded! Now every Note I shift-drag is moving only on one axis!!

I think you are a wizard, @eastgate.

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Turns out timing matters. Shift must be pressed before the click-drag starts.

In a shift drag, the selection moves either vertically or horizontally whichever is closer to the drag orientation. Once vertical/horizontal constraint is triggered in a shift drag, only that axis is used. IOW, you can’t flip from vertical to horizontal constraint _during a single shift drag.

(and no I didn’t realise all this before testing just now :slight_smile: )

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Oh, totally…! Shift- BEFORE mouse-click-drag is the forehead-thwack takeaway here, l submit :slight_smile:

I’m used to graphic/vector apps wherein the shift- press occurs AFTER the object’s been grabbed and movement has already begun, as it were. In that situation the app decides whether to constrain on x- or y- axis based on the movement detected thus far. I’ve gotten VERY accustomed to that, and it’s an unconscious deferred-decision action :smiley:

Amen, these things always confuse me as before/after limitations only apply to some apps; in Finder you can apply (or remove) Option ot Command keys and modify the copy/move result. Confusing. So the ordinary user can’t guess and documentation often omits the before/after part. With that in mind I’ve updated my shortcut reverse lookup list to reflect this.

If there are any other such hard-to-guess sequence constraints to other shortcuts I’ll happily update guidance if not already clear.

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