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Map view: My notes keep pinging back together. Help …

I spread them around my map view and then they ping back together. Why? What must I do to stop it?


An agent’s map perchance? By default an agent updates it’s aliases each pass and re-sorts its map as a result. See how to alter that here and here.

Perchance it was. I will try and fix it. BH

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Great. Do drop back if stuck. Likely it’s just a case of changing $AgentCleanup from the default.

In case the above notes don’t make it plain, the $AgentCleanup controls the agent-driven layout. Once that is turned off you can still use normal ‘manually’ assigned layouts from the View → Arrange menu. Smart adornments (i.e. adornments with a query) are agent like in that they gather items on the map that match the query (and expel off the adornment ones that don’t). You can have adornments, including smart ones, on an agent map once you’ve disabled the auto-layout.

For completeness, if you’re using some action code to move notes/aliases into a container, you may find the app altering the may layout. However, agents (and smart adornments) are the case were an auto-layout happens by default.

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