Map View Note Order in an Agent

Is there any way to have an agent organize aliases within Map View in a grid pattern that follows the outline order of the original notes? I’m trying to to QDA and I need the agemt to display the notes it finds in the in Map View in the original note’s outline order. What is happing is the notes are showing out in the map view in some random that I can’t decipher, but certainly not in the original outline not order.

If not, could someone recommend some action code for me? XPos/YPos management is certainly not my forte.

The grid clean-up method follows the sibling order of aliases within the agent using a left-to-right, top-to-bottom order. The default agent order (i.e. as created at first run) is usually but not always the original’s $OutlineOrder order.

The answer is to set a sort on the agent. In this case you don’t want to set $Sort, but rather $SortTransrom. this is most easily done via the Sort Inspector. In the top pair of pop-up menus, in the right-hand pop-up menu select ‘original note’.

This essentially sorts the agent’s contents by original $OutlineOrder (see more on that menu’s choices).

The grid sort should now work as desired.

For later readers, the agent map arrangement is stored in system attribute $CleanupAction. Allowed values are described in Re-arrangeable Agent Maps.

The setting can be altered in the UI via the Cleanup control on the Action Inspector’s Query tab.

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Fantastic!!! :pray: I would have never figure this one out on my own.

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