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Map view text crawling around against my will

I just downloaded the evaluation copy of TBX 7.5.5. and was immediately hit with unexpected behavior in the Map view. Take a look at the attached GIF; when repeatedly selecting and deselecting a note, the note text seems to drift away… slowly… and weirdly.

Is it a symptom of a new feature to learn, or a bug?


It’s a known issue, thought to have been fixed in v7.5.5 but proving more resistant than expected. This does not need further reporting by others for now, being in course of correction.

For now, the best way to ‘fix’ the map view is to…
switch to another tab - any tab - and switch back. this causes the map to re-draw in the correct state. Note, that the glitch is linked (as a fellow user I don’t know the underlying cause) to selecting the note and to agent updates ‘refreshing’ the agent’s map icon. IOW, if you keep clicking the note the text will move one line further down the note icon until it disappears from view.
…see the next answer below! [Edit to point to better answer]

Clicking once on the current tab will correct the problem.

Hi Mark.

I just updated to 7.5.5 (b333) and I am seeing this text crawling behavior as well - not only for note text, but also for tables on container notes. When I click on the tab as you suggest, it brings the text and tables back to the top, but then they start crawling down again immediately.

If I wait a bit, the text and tables craw completely out of view.

How do I revert back to 7.5.4?

Note: I tested with a completely new file. In the new file, the text crawls down only when I click the note or map. In my actual file the texts crawls on its own - I assume because I have agents running that are updating the views.



Here’s one nearly out of view:

Revert back to 7.5.4: just grab a backup of your old version, or http://www.eastgate.com/download/tbx754.dmg

Need to refresh your display: just click the current tab

Fix is already backstage

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Awesome! Thanks for your efforts, Mark!