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Map vs. Outline Order

I thought that when you changed things in Map View it wasn’t supposed to change Outline Order.

I started with map view adding notes/adornments/containers to created my day planning system.

I then reordered my outline under separators, clarifying and simplifying what I had.

I then wanted to move my notes to new adornments according to this simplified plan. However, with every move I made from old adornment to a new, my outline kept having to be fixed.

I thought map and outline views are independent. What am I not understanding?


There is also a known issue - a fix under current test - whereby if you move >1 selected item, the result affects outline order. For now, move one map item at a time.

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Thanks Paul and Mark. Moving a bunch on the map at once was the problem.

So only one at a time from now on.

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…from now on, until 8.0.1

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