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Maps, containers and notes

Hi all,

I am paying for Tinderbox a couple of years now but I am almost giving up.
I like the overal product but I always got stuck with the maps.
A kind of last attempt. Appreciate all help.

I use maps with containers and notes in the containers.
(As a start) I want to create the following behaviour.

  • If I enter a container the notes are always starting the top left in the visible area.
  • If I leave a container (go 1 level up again) the layout is the same as when I entered the container.

How do I do that?

Also an understandable explanation of the overall way it works would be nice.
Ideally based on use cases.

Thanks very much for your help
Best, Paul

What’s your use case? What work are you trying to do?

I am trying to create a structured layout that looks good.
The use case is a model for information security management. The top-level in the hierarchy are 9 capabilities. Within the capabilities I will create notes.
Goal is to create a structured layout in Maps - a kind of graphical starting point for all the information - would you consider that not a good use case for Tinderbox?

I’m more interested in knowledge than looking good :slight_smile: Different people expect maps to open at slightly different places. We’re discussing the question backstage (https://www.eastgate.com/Tinderbox/Backstage.html)

But for the present, why not try this:

  1. In one tab, show a map of your top level. Make it look good!

  2. Now, make another tab. Drill down: do your work. When you need to refer to the top level, switch to the top level tab. When you need another capability, either use the breadcrumbs to navigate, or make another tab.

  3. Or, make a tab for the top level and for each of the 9 capabilities. That’s a lot of tabs — but it’s fine, even on my little laptop screen.

Thanks for the guidance. I am playing around a bit with it. Is it possible to create a rule using MapScrollX, MapScrollY, Xpos, Ypos, Height and Width that always forces the first note in a container to be positioned top left in the container. It shows top left before and after entering into the container. I am thinking like container-width/2 and from there calculate MapScrollX and MapScrollY of container and Xpos and Ypos of including note. But cannot get it working to my liking. That way the map and placement of items becomes predictable