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Mark Anderson tutorials

Most Tinderboxers know Mark Anderson’s invaluable Tinderbox Reference, aTBRef.

Web Version: http://acrobatfaq.com/atbref6/
Tinderbox Download: http://acrobatfaq.com/atbref6/index/AboutaTbRef/ObtainingtheaTbRefsource.html

Also invaluable are his series of illustrated studies of Tinderbox mechanics:


Topics include:

  • Tinderbox 6 - Exporting exploded notes to plain text
  • Tinderbox 6 - make a note for each value of an attribute
  • Tinderbox 6 - Exporting a to-do list to OPML
  • Tinderbox 6 Exporting OPML to Scrivener
  • Tinderbox 6 - setting up for HTML export
  • Tinderbox 6 - Map Background pop-over
  • Tinderbox 6 - Adornment Grid pop-over
  • Tinderbox 6 - Configuring Container Tables and Headings
  • Tinderbox (v5) HTML Export - Deconstructing an ‘aTbRef’ HTML Page
  • Tinderbox 6 - Quickstamp Explained
  • Tinderbox 6 - Configuring Key Attributes
  • Tinderbox 6 Inspector
  • Tinderbox 6 - where are functions from v5 Create/Rename functions?
  • (Tinderbox 6) Ways to set a Prototype in Tinderbox 6
  • Tinderbox 6 - Inheritance
  • Tinderbox v6’s Prototype-based attribute inheritance
  • Using OS X Finder to locate Crash and Hang logs (Tinderbox v5 & v6)
  • Porting Tinderbox (v5) HTML Help to PDF (Process can be applied in v6)
  • Tinderbox: Making and Using a local HTML copy of aTbRef (v5) (Process can be applied in v6)
  • Tinderbox v5.x file (.TBX) structure (URL / Short URL)
  • Using & Enabling the Mac’s Keyboard Viewer
  • Tinderbox (v5): Reporting Completion of Key Attributes
  • Tinderbox (v5): note reviewer
  • Stamps for Display Expressions and agent control (Tinderbox v5)
  • Tinderbox (v5) ‘Code’ notes
  • Tinderbox (v5): Exploding a Note
  • Setting up custom paper sizes for Tinderbox Maps (v5)
  • Moving MindManager data to Tinderbox (v5) via OPML
  • Tinderbox (v5) Maps: Resizing outsize map icons
  • Exporting Tinderbox OPML to Scrivener (v5)
  • Collecting ‘Person’ prototype-based notes (Tinderbox v5)
  • Tinderbox (v5): adding a ‘starter’ file