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Is there a reference document showing which version and which features of MD that have been implemented?


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Tinderbox can be configured to use any markdown parser you wish, so it doesn’t have a fixed set of markdown features that have been implemented.

The $HTMLPreviewCommand attribute determines what command to filter the text of a note through to produce the Preview pane of the note. In the built-in Markdown prototype this is set to /Applications/Tinderbox 7.app/Contents/Resources/Markdown/Markdown.pl, which happens to be John Gruber’s original markdown perl script. But you could just as easily set it to pandoc -f markdown -t html or any other tool that takes markdown on stdin and produces HTML on stdout.

Indeed, you could use another markup language entirely as long as you have a stdin/stdout parser for it.

I assume $HTMLExportCommand works in a similar way, but my experience with Tinderbox exporting is very limited.

The $HTMLPreviewCommand mentioned above works fine. If you have versions of markdown installed, you can frequently find the proper commands to use in $HTMLPreviewCommand in /usr/local/bin

A very different option, If you happen to have a copy of the Marked 2 application, is to use it in conjunction with Tinderbox. Use whatever flavor of markdown you prefer, export the markdown to a text file with extension .md or .markdown, then drag that file onto Marked.

Once you have done that, Marked will operate as a preview window. Subsequent exports that overwrite that first file will be picked up by Marked and the preview is updated.

I do this when I am working with complex documents and want to get the formatting right. I put Tinderbox and Marked side by side. When I am satisfied with the result, then I save the rendered text from Markdown to PDF or Word or any other other formats supported by Marked. The nice thing is that I don’t have to fiddle with export formats in Tinderbox. Markdown + Marked handle that, and I can focus on notemaking in Tinderbox.

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Got it.

Thx for the help.