Marsedit? And/or WordPress

I didn’t find even a mention of Marsedit on the forum here but I was curious if anyone had toyed with getting posts from WordPress and whether they wanted to push and pull notes from Marsedit.

I’ve seen Howard Oakley over at Eclectic Light Co post over years about getting his past posts into tinderbox, but he manually entered them. I’ve also seen him discuss Marsedit as an app.

I’ve also searched and not really seen anyone talk about syncing WordPress posts with tinderbox.

Seems like it’d be a fit but I hate to invent a wheel if someone has already done so

I’ve been doing with the idea for some time. Some WordPress hosts support a WordPress CLI interface. Marsedit requires support for the WordPress API (unfortunately, my host to date has not supported either). Your post reminded me to reach out again.

Which api do they block?

There’s xml-rpc (that’s what Marsedit uses) but there is also the REST-api. The rest api exchanges json.

For some reason people think xml-rpc and rest are “unsafe” and turn them off. Crazy. All the fun stuff and automation require those endpoints!

There’s another way to talk back and forth and that is to use WP-cli but that requires WP-cli to be installed on the server and local as well as a bunch of configuration.

I had just wondered - given that Marsedit can do all the talking to WordPress and stays atop of that whether anyone had worked out syncing Marsedit to TB.

At first look, it looks like Marsedit has robust Apple Script support, if so, that could be used to push content from TBX to Marseditor.

It does. But the handlers to sync, etc, by the time all that done, wonder if it’s easier to fetch straight from WordPress over api - a function can run a script and build terminal commands to get and post using curl …. But then you need to parse or construct xml or json, etc. like I said above, I was wondering if there was anything direct that annyone had worked out and save all that for Marsedit to handle.