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Maximum Size for Tinderbox

Is there a maximum file size for Tinderbox?

There’s no hard limit.

Some of the ideas behind Tinderbox do have limitations at large scale. Spatial hypertext works well with dozens or hundreds of notes. If you have millions of notes, it’s harder to make any sense of the map, and it’s hard to know where a new note ought to go.

Occasionally, people will discover hard limits by building documents larger than anyone had tried to build before. When those are found, we try to fix them.

As a general guideline, Tinderbox is comfortable with hundreds or a few thousand notes. If you need millions of notes, a database is really your only option. In between is a gray area.

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Thank you very much. My file has reached 89mb and is working absolutely fine. I must say, I have so much clarity of my work, because I can easily find all relevant notes for each topic. Thank you.

The most I ever went to is 180 mb - it had some graphics too, which I subsequently culled to trade for blinding speed.

Thank you