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Meetup for Dec 05, 9:00a PST and 17:00 CEST | Dec 06, 04:00 AEDT

2020-12-06 04:00 AEDT
2020-12-05 17:00 CEST | 9:00a PDT

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  • I especially want to invite people who are thinking about getting Tinderbox, or who have it but aren’t sure where to begin.
  • Arthur Getz Escudero: Navigating complex systems, including Scrivener, DEVONthink, iThoughts….
  • [open space for beginners]
  • Michael Becker: new discoveries :exploding_head:
  • Michael Becker: Regular expressions and wildcard searching

As always, reply with topic suggestions.

If you have small problem files, consider linking them in the replies before the meetup. It might open the possibility of others showing fixes at the meetup.

Additionally, if you have a problem on a file, but you can’t share your screen because the information needs to stay private, consider creating a copy and deleting or anonymizing the information you don’t want to share, or set up a second file (with or without text) that will allow you to demo your problem.

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BTW, if people have small problem files they can link to before the meet, it might open the possibility of others showing fixes at the meet. IOW the time can go to explanation/discussion of the fix as opposed to watching people trying to type fast and accurately. Not suggesting folk should/must do this, but simply for those who can, it is a bit of enlightened self-interest.

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Brilliant, Mark A! I’ll add that suggestion to our default agenda recommendations!

Hi there, per our meet up yesterday here are the sample TBX files we reviewed:

Wildcard Search
In this file, we walked through using agents to search and had a discussion around wildcard searches. WildcardSearch.tbx (137.4 KB)

Using Includes & Dot Operators
In this file we show how to use includes. include-test4.tbx (115.1 KB)

Also, with the Dot Operator note, we show an example uses of dot operators. Be sure to open the Inspector and look at the Rule applied to the Dot Operator note.

Deliminated Export Code
In this file, we show how to use deliminated export code. ProjectDateConditional4.tbx (142.8 KB)

Warning: The above files are not thoroughly documented. Be sure to watch the video once Keith posts it so that you can follow the examples we gave.

Also, there are some other hidden gems in this week’s discussion, e.g. using Ziplinks, pulling in images and videos with includes, etc. We’re working on documenting these.


Here is last week’s chat transcript: chat.txt.zip (4.7 KB)

These sample .tbx files are really helpful to see practical examples of. how to use Tinderbox. Some of the teaching points are totally incidental to the main topic - such as the use of Columns which I noted in the WildcardSearch file.

On a quick search it does not seem as if these samples are regularly posted in the Meetup announcements - am I mistaken. Archiving these in an easy to find way would create quite a treasure for others to see a portfolio of what Tinderbox can do.