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Meetup for October 31, 9:00a and 6p and November 1, 3:00a

2020-10-32 3:00a AEDT
2020-10-31 4:00p CEST | 9:00a PDT


As always, please add suggestions for topics below. If there aren’t any, we’ll ask questions and share what we know.

As UK changed clocks last week, is back on GMT. So Noon EDT is now 1600 UK (and 17:00 in Western Europe). Great as I’ve house guests arriving about 17:15-ish and should be able to take part.

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I should be able to be there with you tomorrow.


:scream: i knew about the change and got it wrong anyway!! what a spooktacular blunder :jack_o_lantern:

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Very nice session, yesterday, the first one for me, kindness and attention. Tinderbox works often on my side as a visual metaphor: I explore a map as if I was in a garden and there’s a lot to garden, even in autumn.

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Thanks to everyone who attended! We chatted about

  • the zettelkasten methodology, and Mark Bernstein helped show how to add unique ID numbers to your zettels,
  • adding academic rigor with prototypes thanks to Michael Becker,
  • a discussion about citing or referencing video,
  • even some code (see chat for the AppleScript) for referencing Tinderbox when you’re not in Tinderbox.

Thank you to everyone who attended, and especially everyone who contributed!

Chat: chat.txt.zip (3.0 KB)

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Here’s the video! https://vimeo.com/474525629

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I think I’ve finally got the settings right, so you’re now an admin on the zoom account, can start meetings, schedule meetings, host meetings, etc etc.

woo hoo!! i’ll try when i get home :+1:

i just fired up zoom and i had the record button, so i appear to be a cohost :tada: