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Meetup: SATURDAY, February 5

Time: SATURDAY February 5, 2022 Noon Eastern Time (US and Canada)

BRING your questions, puzzles and projects!

coming events:
SUNDAY Feb 13:
SATURDAY Feb 19: Tinderbox and Hook, with Luc Beaudoin

9 AM Pacific Time
Noon Eastern time
1400 São Paulo
1600 UTC
1700 UTC/London
1800 Paris
2230 Dehli

Zoom link for the meetup

I plan on sharing my new discoveries this week:

  1. Refined Glossary of Terms creation, including creating an index of where the glossary terms are referenced in the doc (even works when you have a term referenced to multiple articles).
  2. Dynamically assigning figure numbers
  3. Creating a list of referenced companies

I would love to see more about your templates - exporting - from Markdown to HTML to WORD…

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Sure thing…

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Seems there wasn’t enough time for that… Will you perhaps do the templates and exporting thing next week? I am eager for it as well!

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I’d love to this, as well.

Maybe we can do it next week.

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That would be great! I will probably not be able to attend, but look forward to studying the video of the meetup! Thanks in advance.

so when @satikusala we will see the magic of the Markdown-Exporting-Template?

You’ll see the basics, the starting point, here: Tinderbox Training 65- Simple Markdown Template - #3 by satikusala.