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Meetups! Saturday, 12 December and Wednesday, 16 December

2020-12-12 9:00a PST, noon EST, 1700 GMT
2020-12-16/17 6PM PST, 9PM EST, 1100(Thursday) Seoul, 1300 Sydney, 7:30 Delhi

Join our Cloud HD Video Meeting


  • I especially want to invite people who are thinking about getting Tinderbox, or who have it but aren’t sure where to begin.
  • Michael Becker: new discoveries :exploding_head:

As always, reply with topic suggestions.

If you have small problem files, consider linking them in the replies before the meetup. It might open the possibility of others showing fixes at the meetup.

Additionally, if you have a problem on a file, but you can’t share your screen because the information needs to stay private, consider creating a copy and deleting or anonymizing the information you don’t want to share, or set up a second file (with or without text) that will allow you to demo your problem.

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Here’s the chat file from yesterday’s meetup: chat.txt.zip (1.7 KB)

Also, trying something new: During the meetup, I would type TOC >>>> in the chat. Zoom timestamps posts to chat. If I start recording at 9a—I started 1 minute late yesterday—we should get something close to a table of contents so you know approximately where to go to watch a section.

Video Table of Contents

09:11:01: article review
09:16:11: screen sharing articles
09:25:03: stamps and agents to categorize notes
09:32:29: add shapes
10:00:37: Q: what crossed mark’s mind when he created tinderbox?
10:06:31: mark bernstein demonstrates a draft
10:13:24: inside vs outside tinderbox: keeping your PDFs organized, and reachable via (a link in?) tinderbox
10:14:54: demo of referencing external files in tinderbox
10:15:07 : 1. drag file from finder
10:15:10 : 2. devonthink
10:42:50: rendering and publishing articles
10:49:31: Q: When is 9 coming out?
10:52:51: Q: as i watch tinderbox, can i have a screen where i’m collecting data and using codes for behavior? 1. create attributes based on behavior, and 2) insert time stamp

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Really like the New TOC feature!!! Thank you Keith!


Let’s hope it works. The theory seems plausible!

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The videos for the 5 December and 12 December meetups are now up: https://vimeo.com/eastgatesystems/

I think the Wed time is listed wrong, looks like the 9PM slot should be EST.

fixed the time zone. thanks!