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Mentor wanted! - I am a beginner with Tinderbox, experienced with DEVONthink Pro Office and Daylite


I speak English, my native language is German and I live in southern Germany, near Switzerland.

Mainly I work with the following three tools, with which I can collect or link my ideas, information, data on certain topics or which I link to Tinderbox or DEVONthink Pro Office via URLs (= hyperlinks).

  1. DEVONtink Pro Office (my database for all kinds of information = analogous to the filing cabinet that is in my office)
  2. Daylite (analogous to my personal assistant or secretary)
    (Information about Daylite can be found here. (Info for Daylite )
  3. Tinderbox (analogous to the pinboard/flipchart that stands in my office for the visualization of thoughts and structures etc.)

My own ideas and thoughts are collected in Daylite on the basis of notes and linked within Daylite equal to the corresponding topic.

I gather information or data of all kinds in the database of DEVONthink and link them to the corresponding topics in Daylite. That means the head office is Daylite.

With the help of Tinderbox, I want to make complex connections visible in the future.
For example, the workflow for a bookkeeping of a fictitious company, which is called “bakery Wolf” or creating a script for video tutorials.

What about a little conversation?

Is there a URL showing how you export Daylite data and what range of format(s) are available? In your post above it seems the thinking you wish to explore in Tinderbox starts in Daylite. So, unless you can export data from Daylite we are a bit stuck.

Note: I don’t use Daylite, but that isn’t necessary as long as Daylite can create data Tinderbox can read/use.

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On which topic do you relate this question?

This topic, i.e. the one you started " Mentor wanted! - I am a beginner with Tinderbox, experienced with DEVONthink Pro Office and Daylite".

Oh I understand. This should be a hyperlink that only leads to more information about the daylite provider.

Sorry, I don’t understand (I appreciate that you are not writing in your own language).

I was asking for information about data exported by DayLite. As I don’t have DayLite (nor time to learn it, unless another DayLite user can provide the information, it is difficult for me to help. :grinning:

That’s right.
I do not need help for Daylite.
Only for Tinderbox.

OK, I’m better a closed-ended questions. Perhaps when the workflow is better defined I can step back in but I’ll leave this for others for now.