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Migrating a Weblog to Tinderbox

I commend this blog post by Howard Oakley on ‘Moving a blog to Tinderbox’. For all their ease of use for writing new content the general style of blog presentation means today’s post rapidly becomes the digital fish-wrapper of tomorrow. In the article he describes the process, and design challenges of, moving lots of articles (in this case technical tips about Macs) back into a single hypertext within a TBX document.

Although the work environment is Tinderbox, he is mindful of Storyspace - or more pertinently Storyspace Reader - as a possible reading environment. Link styling and choice is discussed, which is interesting as often link creation is an expedient act (or derived from

The article is the start of a series of blog posts covering his ongoing tasks. Whilst this is probably a niche aspect of Tinderbox use I suspect there will be other users doing (or having done similar) and I know he’s welcome input. The blog takes comments (or you can find his email address at the foot of the blog’s About page body copy. A difference here from normal writing (for self) is that the judgment of success is how usefully the document reads for someone other than the author.

Reading about this task renews my interest in some form of a ‘map’ based on links, not hierarchy (Tinderbox maps are limited to one container’s content. The point is not to collapse the outline, which can be useful for organising content, but to provide a map for the reader that gives them some idea of where they are and associated articles.

An inherent problem in the ‘links view’ is how that practically scales from 20-30 notes to hundreds or more. One possible idea is a view that plots N link ‘jumps’ out from the current document, updating to follow focus on the current document.

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