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Minor delight: sizing the Tinderbox window

This is maybe not actually a new thing but it seems that previously I could only compress the size of the Tinderbox window on my desktop to a degree. This becomes an issue sometimes if I want to take reading notes using my Mac Kindle app (I like to copy and paste highlights into a note or series of notes sometimes).

With 7, it seems that suddenly I can compress the size of the TBX window to near postage stamp size. Which would not usually be at all needed, but the point is I can rearrange the desktop space more easily if need be. If it is a change, thanks!

That is all.


Try also Split View on macOS. It works well with Tinderbox 7 (and previous). The split right panel / left panel proportion can be adjusted.

Thanks, Paul. Yep, use 'em.

A tiny window in outline view is good for note taking - I add a note with a thought (just need a miniscure window for that), then click on the note with a Cmd-Opt-X, and the text window opens to jot down an idea or paste in a copied quotation from the book.


What an even greater delight it would be if one were able to use @mwra’s now Tinderbox 7 ready Clip to Tinderbox 7 service in this scenario: Mac Kindle App and Tinderbox 7 side by side.

Any chances to get “Clip to Tinderbox 7” working in Mac Kindle App, @mwra?

It looks like Mac Kindle app doesn’t support Services period, I’d go ask Amazon why they don’t. Open Mac Kindle, the services menu is empty which is a bit of a giveaway. App B can’t force app a to use its service. App A needs to be receptive to services first so it can input data App B’s services can then use.

With this sort of thing, it is always a good idea check the source app supplies it information/supports the feature before asking that the receiving app to support it. That latter can’t use input which the source doesn’t supply.

TL;DR. I can’t edit functionality in Mac Kindle.


Amazon doesn’t want anyone scraping all of the content of a book out of the Kindle app – so it limits copying.

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Makes sense. So sadly to the answer to @andreas is ‘No’, but not because i don’t want to help!

Well, philosophers of the “Commonplace Book” often say that it’s better to hand-copy (with a pen) the good quotes into your notes, to make them yours and take the time to savor and remember them. I don’t mind highlighting, hitting the Kindle “copy” button and then pasting them into my notes. (Though I suppose retyping would be the theoretical best compromise. Depends on what you want to get out of making notes.)

Sometimes fancy tech solutions strike me as more work than they’re worth anyway. For instance, I have seldom used “export” options in either TBX or Scrivener – highlight, copy, paste, cleaning up even book-length manuscripts into Word has proven faster for me than dealing with all the hassles of exporting that keeps the forums full of questions and pleas for help. À chacun, son goût.