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Missing sample file for Help>Actions and Dashboards

Under Help>Actions and Dashboards, the PDF documentation provides a link to a Tinderbox document with sample data and analytical tools:


The link is, unfortunately, broken:

The requested URL /download/ActionsAndDashboards.dmg was not found on this server.

Where to get this sample file?

Confirmed. 404 not found.

FWIW, the DMG is an example TBX of the topic in the PDF.

The URL break has been reported to Eastgate.

It’s back! Thanks for letting us know.

and its gone! Well I get a 404 error on https://www.eastgate.com/download/ActionsAndDashboards.tbx

today Aug 28th 2018.

Almost belay my last: www.eastgate.com/download/ActionsAndDashboards.tbx does work

Curious. Looking into that, but use the http:// link for now