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Modal "popup" window from Tinderbox almost offscreen

Sometimes, when I click CMD+1 to open the inspector, the window opens with its title almost near the bottom of the screen. I can drag it to the center of the screen, but if I quit TBX and re-open it, the modal opens in the same odd place. A few days later it may open ok, other days it doesn’t - and I can’t reproduce the issue or understand why it happens. Is there some way to “reset” this window position?

EDIT: It seems its opening position is dependent of the file opened. I’ve opened an old file and the modal pops up in the middle of the screen; with a blank, fresh TBX file, it opens almost at the end of the screen.

The Inspector position is saved with each document. When you first open the Inspector for a Tinderbox session, Tinderbox uses the position saved with the current active document.

It turns out that Tinderbox has been allowing the Inspector window to drift vertically downward with each save. That’s a mistake arising from measuring the inspector’s height at the wrong moment, and will be addressed in the next update.

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