Move a note with a stamp to the bottom of a manually unsorted large container?

I have a note at the top of a large container that has 750 notes. The container is unsorted because I like to manually place notes next to other notes as I want. Once I have reviewed the note, I have a stamp that marks the note as IsReviewed and the date I reviewed it. No problem
My question is, without sorting the list, is there a way to create a stamp to “move a note” to the bottom of the container. I realize I can use the $Container to move into another container if I want, but I do not know how to move a note that I choose to the bottom of a container with a stamp.

Thanks in advance

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if you use create(“/pathToContainer”, “NameOfNote”) to add a new note it should always become the last note in the container. So if you just copy the attributes you need, create a new note and paste the old data, delete the old note. This should do it :wink:
For sure there are better ways…

I haven’t tested any edge cases with this, so you’ll want to play around with it, but I think


may be helpful. I.e. you’re manually setting the order of the note in a container ($SiblingOrder) to the number of notes ($ChildCount) in that container (parent) , which by definition is the highest position number.

As I said, please test this to see if it really does what you want, but it’s something to explore.

You can do this:

var:number vLastSibling=$SiblingOrder(lastSibling);

@webline’s method works too.

Many thanks to all.

Love the flexibility of Tinderbox. Thanks @eastgate