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Move the original note with help of Agents

I haven’t found the specific answer to this question so far.

The usage case: I’m deep in within my TB document hierarchy when suddenly I get an idea or action that I would like to record (not neccessarily linked to the actual level). I typically record this idea in the text field of separate note adding a textual tag such as “IdeaX” to mark it as an idea.

What I would like to do is have an agent running which

  1. Automatically recognises the note as an “Idea” note

  2. Move the note from the current location to a designated container which is just to hold ideas.

I can do 1) easily. My problem is that for my solution of 2) the Agent keeps adding aliases to the designated container rather than the original note, one new alias for each scan. To illustrate what I’ve done I show you the contrived example below. First the overview of the Agent, Note and Container.

Then the Agent Query to identify the note (which works)

A finally the action as specified to move the Note to the Container.

I roughly understand what’s happening e.g. that the Agent keeps rediscovering the note and then moving the alias within the Agent to the Container. But how to accomplish my task ?

Many thanks for your help

An agent acts on the alias within it. $Container is an intrinsic attribute, meaning an original and any/all of its aliases can have different discrete values of the same attribute (see more).

The missing part of your problem is the designator ‘original’. Thus use the action:


Run on the alias inside the agent, this has the effect of moving the original note rather than the alias.

Many thanks and understood. With your help I’ve made the mental step that $Attribute(original) provides the pathway to the original source Note attributes (in this case the location).

Great. You can probably also now see that some attributes have to be intrinsic. For instance:

  • $OutlineOrder - original & alias can’t be in the exact same outline locations as they are discrete items.
  • $Xpos, $Ypos - if in different maps original and lais might be in different {X,Y} positions on the map.

…and so on.

This list, also linked in my previous post above, gives a listing of attributes regarded as intrinsic.