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Moving a project into another one

Hello All,

Just got tinderbox a few days back. So a complete newbie.

I created a project called “Sales” which I want to cut/copy/move into my main project “Business Plan”. How do I do that without doing the entire things again?

Manoj Nayak

This page may help.

I did something similar last night and was surprised to find that aliases didn’t carry over between documents. I had a doc that looked like:

  • my project
    ** original notes
    *** note 1
    *** note 2
    ** aliases
    *** note 1
    *** note 2

I copied the “my project” note and pasted it into a new doc. Every note carried over except for the aliases, which were gone. Are aliases expected to carry over or not?

(it just occurred to me that I could try selecting everything and copy/pasting the whole thing, instead of just copying the top-level note. I’ll report back once I’ve had a chance to try it)

I don’t think it’s documented, which implies its an un-envisaged edge case. As pasted notes get a new $ID when pasted in a different document, I guess the aliases lose their source reference. Of course, agent will generate new aliases (as pertinent to their query) but pasting retaining ‘manual’ aliases likely needs to be a new feature request at this point

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Wonderful. This was way to easy! Thank you!

If Tinderbox copied an alias to a new document that didn’t contain the original note, then the alias would have no original. In this case, note 1 might figure out that its intended original is the copy of note 1 that is also being moved to the new document, but in the general case this could be very tricky indeed.