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Moving Around a Map in Bird's Eye View

When I press Control+Option+Command I see my map from a bird’s eye view and can put my mouse pointer to a place in the map, release, and it will re-zoom in that spot, which is a lovely trick.

But sometimes the combination doesn’t give me the whole map and I can’t figure out how to move around it. When I click it gives me the right click menu, when I scroll with the mouse it zooms in and out. I can hover over scroll bars and click and drag to get to a part that isn’t in view, but are there less precise ways I explore around?

Here’s a demonstration of what I’m experiencing/wanting:


I believe this is addressed in the current backstage build.

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I know that asking developers “how long” is as annoying as kids in the back seat harping every 5 minutes on a road trip, but you’ve mentioned Tb8 a couple of times recently. Any hints on a date? – and I completely understand if the answer is “when it’s good and ready”.


Soon. Very soon. But not yet.

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Wow, I didn’t even know there was a bird’s eye view – what an amazing tool!

I wish there was a small “Tinderbox CheetSheet” of sorts for stuff like this …


I’m still experiencing some unanticipated behavior with Tinderbox 8’s control+option+command view. When I press those keys and release, I’m presented with a liminal view – not zoomed in not zoomed out – I’m not sure what the benefit of this view is. If I press the three keys again, I’ll zoom in again to my original zoom (almost, as you’ll see at the very end of the following demo).

Is this the intended behavior? If so, could you please explain the logic behind the middle view?


We’ll investigate. Issue 2680 if you’re keeping score at home.