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Moving Notes (multiple levels of containers)

Hi All - new to Tinderbox. Two questions regarding moving notes:

  1. What is the easiest way to move a note out of a container (and also out of a subcontainer up several levels)?

  2. What is the easiest way to move a note from the map view space to a container within a container – or any levels of subcontainers so I don’t have to keep clicking on each container and moving the note further down manually.

[Right now I’m moving highlighted annotations into the general map view and then organizing them and finding points when I have an organizational structure in place an want the most efficient way to move notes into the existing structures]

Thanks for any assistance!

You can easily move your notes using $Container, as illustrated on the screenshot below:c


Have the Outline open in one tab and the Map in another. For major moves, use the Outline. Think of the map in a sense as a horizontal view of your notes residing on a particular floor, and the outline as a vertical view of the entire ediface.

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Thank you @dominiquerenauld - had no idea I could do this but started tinkering around with the container attribute and that will be very helpful.

Is there a way to assign all new notes to have $Container as a default attribute?

Thanks @PaulWalters - this makes sense as well - I’m now toggling back and forth to figure out when I want to use each view.