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Moving notes that are linked

I have two notes that are linked. If i move one of them to a new container, that link is broken. It seems that links are created to a note are actually created to the note that exists in a specific container, rather than the note no matter where it lives in the document. Is that correct? does that make sense?

I can’t replicate this. How are you moving the note? As is shown here, the links use note $IDs which are path independent. so there must be some other, as yet un-described factor at play.

I am specifically using the ziplinks feature. What is the right way to move a note?

I saw a recommendation on here to move using drag and drop in the outline view. Totally works.

I had seen the beck tench video on making the whiteboard, and thought she said a cut and paste would retain links but maybe I just heard that wrong.

Zip links don’t move notes. If you specify a note of the same name as an existing one, but at a different path, it makes a new note. Tinderbox allows non-unique titles as under the hood they are identified by their $Id (wich is unique) and their nesting, i.e. path, by their position in the underlying TBX XML outline.

Yes, this does move a note and in/outbound links adjust. You can also use other views like chart or treemap where the outline (the doc’s canonical structure) is visible. By comparison, in a map you are simply looking at the sibling contents of one (outline) container, and beyond demoting into a container and dragging out of a container viewport, ‘vertical moves’ are limited by the view.

I can’t find the master ref but copying/pasting the (some/all) $Text to another note does preserve outbound text and web links. Basic links of the source not lie outside the $Text so are not copied.

If you copy/past a note to another location, outbound basic/text/web links are retained but inbound basic (or to-text) links are not copied as the former point to the origina and not the copy.

Move a note via drag-drop or re-setting it’s Container.

Copy/Paste keeps links provided both the source and the destination are copied (and then pasted).

Drag always preserves links.