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Moving out and then back in = view jumps to top

Hi all,

First post here in the new forum. Loving Version 7 - thanks Mark.

I find that, when editing near the end or even middle of a longer note, the view (but not the cursor) jumps to the top after I change focus away from TB and then back again.

Is anyone else seeing this?

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Whilst I don’t know why, this has been the state of play for a while. On losing/taking focus a note re-scolls to the top.

On a personal note, I feel this pain. it makes it near impossible to look at a long TB note and compare it with text in a different app as every time TB loses focus it forgets the scroll state of the front note.

Interesting. Thanks, Mark. I perhaps didn’t notice it before as it has only been since Version 7 that I’ve been taking longer notes. Here’s hoping the scroll state (excellent description, by the way), can be set to be remembered in a future update.

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yah, I reported it in the old forum; had discussion with Marks.


Mark B. promised “We’ll explore the issue.”

This also happens when making a Web Link: in a longish essay I’m working on, I need textLinks to numerous websites — when I make a new one “beneath the fold” (i.e., once the text pane is scrolled down a screenful or more), Tinderbox snaps back to the top as soon as I hit Return (Enter) or click “Create Link” in the Make Web Link… popover. Really slows things down.


This issue bothers me as well. I’m trying to use Tinderbox to take notes while watching lecture videos and viewing PDFs. This involves switching between apps very frequently. Losing my place in a note’s text, or while editing a note’s title, really disturbs my workflow.

In Mark B’s post on the old TB forum, he said this was designed such that users would not have to “keep scrolling to the top.” But here are a few arguments against this behavior:

  • It’s much easier to scroll to the top of a note (just press CMD+Up) than to find and return to the place you’d just been working.
  • Continuing to work where you’ve just been working is likely to be a more time-sensitive matter, and a more frequent occurance, than opening a note for “edit and review” (in Mark’s words) and having to scroll back to the top. So I don’t see why the latter workflow should be prioritized over the former.
  • Of the many word processors / text editors / outliners / note takers I’ve used, not to mention the text entry fields of any app that involves text input, I can’t think of even one that loses my place when I switch to another app and back. So I’m not sure why Tinderbox would want to be the outlier in this respect.

Count me among the people who hates this behavior. I type a note, switch to an app, switch back to TB and continue typing… but now I’m typing at the very beginning of the note, instead of where I left off. It’s really, really stupid.

I believe this has been adjusted in Tinderbox 7.0.4 backstage.

(Update: it had been adjusted, but the fix doesn’t work if the cursor is at the very end of the text. Unfortunately, that’s probably the most common case. Fix en route in any case.)


I’m still seeing this in 7.3 (or has it returned in this version?) and it is really annoying. I’m doing a translation of a very long speech and every time I check something in my dictionary the note scrolls back to the top.

Edit: I can now confirm that 7.3.0 reintroduced this behaviour. I reinstalled the previous version (7.2.2.) and it works as expected (preserving the scroll state).

This has been reported. I can’t find a reference now, but if I recall correctly this will get fixed in the next release. The breakage was a side effect of fixing a different problem. Anyway, I have seen this issue reported and I’m sure a fix is in the works. I know how annoying the issue is when your swapping in and out of notes, especially long ones.

Thanks a lot for the update!

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This has been off-again / on-again over the years and the succession of release versions. It seems to have cropped up again quite recently, but Eastgate reports (as @mwra notes) that a fix is on the way. I agree that it makes working with long notes very difficult.

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I believe it’s actually fixed in the current backstage build, and should be addressed in 7.3.1 .

Great to know, Mark. It’s pretty vexing trying to modify or write longer notes…

7.5 might have reintroduced the “jump-to-top” behaviour. At least I’m seeing it again in 7.5.4 (also for the Text Window).

No other reports here, and it’s not the case in the documents I have open right now. If problems persist, contact tech support info@eastgate.com

This problem has resurfaced for me, but only when typing in a text window (shown via View → Text Window). As before, if I switch to another app, and then back to Tinderbox, the cursor shifts from wherever I was working in the text to the beginning of the note.

This issue does not occur when working on a note’s text via the text pane. For me, it only happens when I’m working in a text window.