Multidimensional (zzstructure?) casebook for teaching

A law professor has a collection of legal cases they want to have organized in multiple dimensions so that each case can be viewed as part of multiple sequences. (I think of these as curated paths of links.) For example a case might be part the historical progression of interpretation of a legal principle or a specific law, but that case could also be part of the historical background. So far the professor has constructed a large-ish casebook manually with manually inserted cross-references and links “up” to summaries of the dimensions.

I think this could be much more efficient with Tinderbox and would welcome suggestions of how to do it.

Note that the content and organization would be solely by the author, this is not an annotation/notebook for a student. That is another project :slight_smile:

This is in fact, easily done. With the type of linking you’re doing, you’ll want to consider the optimization tricks I explained in last week’s meetup: Tinderbox Meetup Video- Sunday, July 8, 2023: TBX Optimization Strategies--Output, Action Code, and Other Tricks. You’ll also note in this meetup I explain the use of different link types, which will help with the type of analysis you’re looking for.

Finally, getting the information in is one thing; using Tinderbox Views, Posters (comping in the next release), Preview and export to assess the associations and get teh information out is an entirely different thing. To this end, you’ll want to consider to your attribute and templating strategies.

To accomplish this task, you’ll find everything you need to know in my/our videolibrary: Mastering Tinderbox: Training Videos (Complete List).

If you’d like to DM me, I’d happy to walk you through some of my personal files to show you how it’s done.

BTW, like we did with the mileage example - Attempting to create a mileage log - if you could provide some synthetic data to help with the development of a demo that could be useful.