Multiline display of attribute names in Table View

In table view, the first row shows the names of the attributes.
Is there any way to make this first row a multi-line row?
This would be useful, if there is many attributes and/or they have longer names.

For reference: an example of Excel showing multiple lines of text in a single cell:

Attribute names cannot contain spaces, so the line breaks would likely be regrettable. What was the concrete situation that suggested this proposal;?

A table with more than 20 attributes.

I now moved it into an Excel spreadsheet - there I can manage to get all columns fitting on my screen (using line breaks/the word wrap feature).

The only workaround I could see in TBX is to make the names of the attributes just abbreviations, so that I can know which one it is from just the first 3 letters.

I also just realized, that I can not use Cmd± to shrink a Table View. That, I guess is just as big of a hindrance.

Right now it is fine for me to work just in Excel. Conditional formatting and coloring have proven useful in my application as well, so I’ll stick with Excel anyways. However, being able to refer to Rows(=items) in my excel from a Tinderbox project would be great - but I have no clue how to go about that. Maybe Hookmark (formerly Hook iirc)? But that is a different discussion.

It might be better, looking at your data, to have several table views, each with fewer columns…

I read this as linking out from Tinderbox to Excel. If so…

Microsoft docs aren’t too helpful in this. Lots on making outbound lonks or in-doc links in Excel, next to nothing about cells as a link target. However, (not tried, as I’ve a call imminent) but for Excel files online this is apparently possible:


Whether you could do this locally with file:///, e.g.:


Might be worth a test? Not sure on Numbers