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Multiple computers?

Curious if others use Tinderbox on more than one computer? I do work across two computers. I’m probably mistaken but it seems the registration code I have only allows one computer access? I see the ‘family’ option for purchase but that’s not at all my goal.


This article might help. I use Tinderbox across multiple Macs at home/office and at my Uni/lab though serially rather than parallel - i.e. on different Macs at different times.

The app is not designed, in terms of its data files as a multi-user app, so even if it is only yourself using your files from a shared or cloud drive, do ensure to close files before you try and use them on another Mac.

thanks, I’ll check installs and licenses to ensure I have the same setup/ license on both computers. Good to know there isn’t a limitation on the license side so it’s probably me.

Reinforcing what @mwra says, I’ve found that I can use the same TB program and (single) TB license across my three computers, as long as I follow two rules, one trivial and one very important.

The trivial one is to enter the license number separately on each computer, when I renew my TB subscription each year. (You don’t need to renew annually to keep using the version you already have; you just need it to use subsequent releases and betas. Ie, if you want, you can pay for the program once and use it forever. For me, the ongoing stream of innovation is more than worth the annual fee.)

The more important rule is to make sure to have any specific .TBX file open on only one computer at a time. I use Dropbox as the storage site for the files, but the Dropbox/TB combo is not designed for real-time synchronization. You open the file on one computer, work for a while, and then you close and save that file before opening it on another machine. After Dropbox has had a chance to note that change, you can safely open the file on the next computer.


great. Everything worked as advertised. I simply had made the mistake of typing in my email address instead of my name . As soon as I typed in my name the window responded with a checkmark showing it recognized the combination. I’m up now on multiple computers. And yes, I agree that Dropbox works perfectly if not expected to keep up in real time. Perfect for me as I’m using one or the other computer, but never both at the same time.

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