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MultiUser Tinderbox - Firebase demo

As discussed in our zoom meet - here is the demo file to create a kind of multiuser solution for Tinderbox using a FireBase Realtime database.

To try out the demo create a realtime database in FireBase - you need a free account there - and copy the name of the database to the “FBBase” attribute of the “GetFromFB” and “PutToFB” note of my demo file. That’s it.

The exporting to Firebase is async - it needs several $Edicts to run

Firebase Demo.tbx (149.0 KB)

Have fun - Detlef


Hey, will the video recording be posted?

Yes, at Vimeo, later today.

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Hi, I was not able to attend yesterday’s meetup unfortunately.
Is there a recording availably with a higher video resolution? The one available on Vimeo appears very hazy unfortunately…

Thanks for helping out!

Unfortunately, that’s the best available for this one.