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My journey so far

So, I’ve looked at Tinderbox on and off over the past year or so, and have now jumped in for a deeper dive. I’ve been wanting a blank slate/visual project and task management solution, and this is the only thing out there that meets all of my needs. My only hesitation was the lack of a mobile solution. I do use DevonThink, but the marriage wasn’t coming together for me. I’ve recently started using Obsidian, and that’s made some difference.

Here’s what I have so far …

I’ve set up a map in TB with containers for each project, using prototypes for tasks, delegations (i.e., conversation topics with specific people) and reference notes. I have rules set to handle recurring tasks, as well as to handle dependencies for sequential projects. (That is, when several tasks are strung together with a “Next action” link, the next task automatically gets a “focus” flag set to “true” when the previous task is done). I’ve also coded rules for due date, defer until date, and more.

I have an agent pulling the tasks and delegations together, and displaying them according to certain criteria (that is, certain combinations of due date, defer until date, focus, etc.).

The trick for mobile for me … I use DisplayExpression to craft the name of the notes in a very specific way, so that I can copy and paste them into Obsidian, where the Tasks plugin recognizes them as to-dos based on the format I’ve set up in DisplayExpression.

This has all taken some effort to set up, but I think it’s going to work for me. The ability to map out project thoughts and steps visually, create tasks and delegations on the fly in the brainstorming process, and gather reference and other material together into one container is wonderful. To then be able to copy and paste from the agent into Obsidian, which allows me take the tasks on the road on my phone, is great. I feel like I can also now begin to explore how I can take selected Reference material with me in DevonThink, as well.

Thanks to all who’ve helped along the way! I’ve asked a few newbie questions, but I’m a quick study and feel like I’m starting to unlock the power of this thing. It may be time to leave Omnifocus behind!


It might be fun to see a screen shot!

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I second @eastgate’s request - sounds intriguing, @jpmoo! Please keep us posted how it goes.

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I’ll post more soon. It’s on the demo, so the number of notes is limited. The proof of concept is there, though, so I’m saving some pennies to purchase soon!