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My notes reject my adornments :-(

Apologies for what’s probably a question with an obvious answer, but I’m just not seeing it.

  1. I create a few notes and add them to a container
  2. I create an Adornment, with a simple OnAdd to set the colour of notes
  3. I drag the container to the Adornment
  4. The container changes colour and then, a second or two later, jumps out of the adornment

What am I missing? Is it as simple as containers can’t go into adornments?

TB 7.2.2, MacOS HS 10.13.2 (Beta) if relevant

Any help much appreciated - I’m trying to get to grips with TB (too many years of pre-structured content) but, just as I think I see a path that’ll get me over the initial hump, I realise there’s a mother hump behind it

Does your adornment have a query? It is the most plausible explanation for the sequence described. A smart adornment (i.e. one with a query) will effect an note/container placed upon it that does not match the adornment’s query.

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Thanks - that was it - the $OnAdd was in the Query, not set as an attribute of the adornment. Which makes sense, when I switch my brain on (a rare occurrence)

Confusion resolved - thanks again