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Naive Hook -TBX question

Hook definitely seems useful and interesting. One thing that puzzles me though is how we handle maintenance of links across potentially different versions of a file…is it possible to copy/transform links from one version of a file to another? Just wondering…

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You can setup a linked folder, which may contain copies your other versions of the files (or aliases thereof? haven’t checked)

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If you use a hook://file/ URL received from someone (that you haven’t created) , if Hook finds several potential candidates it will reveal them in search results. There is also a General preference Reveal hook://file link targets in Finder (rather than opening them). If you’ve hooked it yourself, then Hook will likely know where the file is, and so will just open it.

Hook doesn’t inherently have a notion of file versions. Someone asked in the Tinderbox Meetup 22 Feb 2022 on Vimeo whether Hook can link to versions in SVN, GIT etc. That is something we (CogSci Apps Corp.) considered in the early (pre public) days of Hook. First thing to tackle however is for RCS client apps like Versions to have AppleScript dictionary so that one can do basic linking to the current version. We (at least I) haven’t yet looked at integration with macOS’s own versioning (if there’s automation for that all).