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Need help with Display Expression

I have a note named “Balance” and I want to pull in the value of balance from a data note kept elsewhere and display it in the Display Expression.

This is what I’ve tried:

$Name+": "+$Text(/data/amazon/balance)
But it just shows "Balance: "

I know I am using the $Text syntax wrong, but after searching through everything I couldn’t find the correct syntax.

I’d appreciate any help. Thanks.

p.s. do I need the complete path name of the note I’m getting balance from?


This looks fine. Some common things that go wrong in situations like this:

  • Check that the path is actually correct. Remember that path names are case sensitive: “amazon” and “Amazon” are distinct.

  • Check as well that the path is unique. If you had two different notes inside “data”, both named “amazon”, then Tinderbox might not be looking at the note at which you want to to look.

If trouble persists, feel free to post the file here, or email it to tech support at info@eastgate.com, and we’ll take a look.

The only way I can replicate the outcome is if the $Text of note ‘balance’ is ‘Balance’.


It shows Balance because the name of the current note is Balance, the text of the data note is the actual numeric balance.

I’m going to try again and see.

Thanks both of you

It worked. I wasn’t paying attention to the caps. Thanks

p.s. I have gotten so into TB in the last month. I’m using it as GTD system, to revise my second novel, to create a business plan, and more. Something after all this time clicked :slight_smile:

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