Need some help on creating a div that both hides and maintain inline text

I want to be able to both hide some text and keep it inline.

I attempted this: The following in $Text Lorem Ipsum <div style="display: none; inline; ">[@Sweney2013]</div> Lorem Ipsum; this adds a line break right after the citationkey in both preview and export.

Does anyone of any good ideas on who to handle this?

Avoidoing going into CSS in depth, use a <span> instead of a <div>.

Why not use a <span> instead of a div? That would solve the problem. So would a <cite> tag, which would also give you better semantics.

Underlying, this is invalid CSS syntax; the semicolon after “none” ends the statement. You might be able to say display: none inline.

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Yup, that works!!! :slight_smile: Thx.