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NeverComposite default is now 'True' -- thanks!

I’ve just noticed that $NeverComposite is now set by default to true in V9 (or at least, that’s when I first noticed the change).

This removes a (minor) irritation, which I and others have mentioned a few times on the forums (the old default led to confusion, because composites would be formed ‘accidentally’).

It’s not mentioned in the release notes, and it’s a minor improvement compared to the other significant upgrades in the new version, but it’s still welcome.

So thanks to Mark B and the team for listening and making the change — I do appreciate the responsiveness!


Great. FWIW, I did actually note this change in aTbRef9 here and here.

For this baseline, to address just this issue - something new/changed in a major N.0.0 release I now include the baseline release as the starting change note.

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