New articles in aTbref re Variable vs. Attributes

Note: if you don’t use action code, then you can skip this. Otherwise, read on…

Reflecting on the fact that v9/9.5 have added a lot of useful variable and data-typing features, I thought to add a little to my existing note on Variables. There are two new child notes:

In keeping with aTbRef’s scope they aren’t intended to be a long set of code examples but rather a helpful reminder to the reader that their existing habits might benefit from review.

An earlier reviewer pointer out that some of the versions I mention in the articles are years back. This is true, but there are a lot of long-term user who will have code in their documents that is many years old. In fact, re-implementing old code from pre-variable and function times can provide a nice leaning context to embrace the features for any new work. I’d note that we don’t have to update old code: a jot of Tinderbox is it is mindful of the presence of old (working!) code and not breaking it.

So, TL;DR:

  • almost everything where in the past you’d have add/use a user attribute to hold a value during a coded process can be done using a variable (bonus: no clean-up needed)
  • data-typing of variables and function arguments also removes the of method of passing a value to a typed attribute to force type to a new form

Just reading through the above pages. I think there is some text missing in “Choosing to use variables…”. The text ends rather abruptly with “… forever unless”

Hmm. Odd … but yes. Glitch now fixed and a small typo in the other article too.

Thanks for the report. :slight_smile: