New aTbRef page re straight-vs.-typographic quotes

As noted in this thread aTbRef doesn’t directly cover this issue.

So a new page: Code: Straight vs. Typographic 'curly' quote characters.

The sitemap and zip of the TBX have also been updated.

Thank you for this.

Since action and export code do not like curly quotes, you might want to mention in the article that the built-in Code, Action and Poster prototypes by default have $SmartQuotes == false. Thus, setting the appropriate prototype can help avoid errors in stamps, templates, posters, etc.,

Yes, quite right. Was on my to-do list, now done and page updated here.

Also realised the Poster built-in Prototype arrived unseen, so that’s now added too: Prototype: Poster.

Site map and uploaded TBX zip refreshed too. :slight_smile: