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New Calendar view

It would be great if the Map, Outline, Chart, Timeline, etc. added a much-needed and convenient for note management Calendar view, for example for the current month (with the display of dates and days of the week of the current month). If two or more notes fall on the same date, a container would be created with those notes.

I think there are LOTS of variations on this, and perhaps not every variation would be useful for every task.

First: the attribute browser may be useful for the sort of task you have in mind. And it’s available now.

Second: you can so something like this in map view, using either adornments, adornment grids, or containers to represent days. Some recent additions to actions and to stamps make it easier to automate this, but often (I suspect) you need a specific period — Inauguration Week, or The Annual Conference Program — and it may be easier to do things manually.

Knowing more about the tasks you have in mind might help elicit suggestions…

I have a database with texts for different kinds of persons on special days of the year, which would tell me every year by the calendar what persons will be celebrated in the current month, in order to prepare for the event in advance and have the right text for a particular person on a particular day. I have more than 10 personas, and all the different persons are more than 500, all have a different photo, and besides one persona can be repeated with different text on different days of the year several times