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New overall function request: if you could edit in multiple notes (like in this youtube) that would be a helpful & great

on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=avuKSsMjJd8

it shows you can show multiple notes

what would be helpful is if you could edit those notes/info

if you could actually edit in multiple notes then that would be a helpful thing

what would be overall better

  • if it showed all notes that are structured together
    • while still having the left side panel/bar
  • if you could expand and de-pand the section headings
    • (and in effect, also expand/de-pand the sub-notes)
  • when you delete everything from a section heading
    • (that specific note would be deleted from the left side)

ofc there’s lots to say and expand on, but that’s a tiny gist of it, and i assume tinder (or anything else like ulysses scrivener etc) doesnt currently do this

from Story Structure and Tinderbox: How to REALLY make it work for you
user doenst seem active on this site tho

[Polite note. This app isn’t ‘Tinder’ but ‘Tinderbox’, or ‘TB’ if you prefer.]

Tinderbox, no. Scrivener, yes. Ulysses, i don’t know as i’ve never used it. (Anyone else out there?).

If I understand correctly you refer to the video at this point at time c.2:00? If so, in this context the app functionality hasn’t changed since that time. However, you can open a TBX file in Scrivener and see its its Scrivenings view to do the sort of editing you want.

(N.B. it would really help us help you if we knew if you were writing a book, or doing research, or doing…? You don’t have to share the subject matter but knowing the sort of task makes it easier to to give genuinely helpful advice.)

Given that Scrivener can open TBX document files and adding a feature that I suspect needs a lot of engineering (cost!) and which might only be used by a minority of users I’m not sure of ROI benefits. Still, if you want to make a feature request of Tinderbox’s developer, please email Eastgate with your suggestion. The convention of a user-to-user forum is this isn’t formal tech/product support. If you want a feature, mail it in with your use case. That doesn’t preclude discussing the idea, as here, but don’t assume a mention in the forum means you’ve made a request.

I hope that helps. :smiley: