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New page on issues of unique $Name/Path

See Uniqueness, duplicates and matching notes which I’ve just added to aTbRef to address a number of current issues arising from (unexpectedly) from duplicate $Name values in a document.


Nice article. Per my experience, people should be careful NOT to have another not “Templates” as this will conflict with the “Tempales” folder that Tinderbox uses to generate exports and previews. If you find that you can’t assign a template to a note, you try and it immediately reverts back to “none,” this is a good sign that you have a duplicate note named “Templates” somewhere.

Yes, I should have mentioned, I also updated my article on export template notes to reflect this. The limitation is quite subtle as the duplicate must be:

  • a case sensitive match, i.e Templates
  • in the same root) location as the built-in /Templates container
  • can be a note or a container
  • must precede the normal templates container in $OutlineOrder

But of those, it is the last one that creates the ‘unable to set a template’ scenario described above.

If it seems odd that templates are listed correctly in the Export Inspector’s template pop-up but can’t be set, I think there is a simple explanation. the list of available templates shows the $Path of each notes whrre $IsTemplate is true. The problem is that when such a path is selected, it can’t be resolved due to the additional ‘Templates’ note breaking condition at bullet #4 above. Tinderbox looks for children of the first-by-outline-order ‘Templates’ and doesn’t find the desired template note and ends with a silent fail, resetting the template selection to none (logic being that clearly the selection can’t be left pointing at a template that doesn’t exist).

The conundrum here is how to see this before learning some of the above issues that new users won’t yet know. A quasi-rule could be to never (re-)use names of key containers. Even with that you (a) need to know what those containers are called, (b) where they live in a doc and most importantly (c) you need to remember to not brak the previous two rules.

Way back, Tinderbox used to have a preference to warn about duplicates. But that warns you when yo add such a note. I think few used it as it warned them at the wrong time about things the didn’t care about at the time.

I’m not sure there is an easy design fix here, I think it’s up to us as users to learn and for the available docs to describe the problem.

FWIW, the above preference lasted until v5 (see here) and disappeared.

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site www.acrobatfaq.com not available:

(Noted: I’m responding as aTbRef’s author and owner of the domain)

Hi. I’m sorry to read that as the domain works fine for me. FWIW, the I’m accessing from UK and the server is UK-based. I suspect it is short-lived outage possible reasons:

  • Server maintenance/problem, though my control panel shows now reported issue
  • It’s a shared virtual server (i.e. several different users VPSs on one physical server) and another VP’s behaviour may have caused the underlying server to re-boot
  • Internet routing glitch: I find occasionally part of the internet ‘disappear’ for a short while due to routing issues (probably corrupted DNS data replicating across the backbone servers).

Anyway, if you still have an outage, my apologies but the problem isn’t at the server end of things.

Yes, but I specifically attached the image which shows that the server is not available from 3 countries USA, EU (Germany) and China. Now I will try to log in through the UK via VPN

Sure, but that’s the internet’s problem. I was confirming that the domain is active, not disputing the fact that some parts of the internet may have a routing problem.

You might want to contact your ISP and ask why the domain is not available to you, given the server is online.

So, I’m sad if some folk currently can’t access aTbref at the moment, but it’s not caused by the acrobatfaq.com server which is the only part of the access chain I control, for everything else contact support at your ISP.

It’s currently OK in Eastern US

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