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New Prototype for Very Large Document

I have a huge document hundreds of notes, with several layers of nesting.

I want to add one simple attribute – tags – to all notes.

I tried making a prototype note at the top of the outline and moving all the other notes into it. It made tag attributes but only for first-level notes – no children, or grandchildren, or great grandchildren.

Advice on doing everything with one command would be welcome, or, if a single command won’t do it, the easiest quickest way to get it done.

Many thanks.

How about a stamp declaring tags as an attribute/key attribute. Select all the notes and apply the stamp.

You can create an agent to gather every note, assign to it an action that assigns the prototype that you want to them

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@coccomel’s suggestion of an agent is best for fixing the issue now.

So, to at $Tags to Key Attributes (KAs), the agent action needs to be:

$KeyAttributes = KeyAttribute + "Tags";

But, be aware that doing this sets all (in agent scope) notes to a local value for $KeyAttributes and this breaking a prototype inheritance. So, better might be to review/set the KAs for all your prototypes and then use this agent action:


  $KeyAttributes = KeyAttribute + "Tags";

now, if a note in scope of the agent query has a prototype set, the KAs are (re-set) so as to use those of the prototypes. Those without a prototype have their KA set to add $Tags—or if they currently have no KA, their KA will just be $Tags.

Also, don’t worry if you mess up. KA are set/inherited by attribute ‘KeyAttributes’. So, if it is wrong, it can be identified and (re-)set! :slight_smile This is one of the user errors for which Tinderbox is very forgiving!

Awesome, thanks very much