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New user lost in Map View

I have started to create numbers of notes but I am frustrated that I am losing them in Map View. Is there a way to bound a topic so the map is less than unlimited…and so I can go to Map View and more easily find notes? As it is I seem to be scrolling, scrolling, scrolling…and am not certain how to gather the notes in a visible window.

I’ve been watching videos and reading posts - but haven’t seen this addressed???

Hi, welcome to the forum.

No, but there are some affordances to help with that:

  • Ctrl+Opt+Cmd( ⌃+⌥+⌘) will open map overview mode.
  • You can blind type (when to note is selected) to select a note (partially-)matching the typed string.

HTH :slight_smile:

Thx for that tip!

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Also, if you don’t need all the items to be in one map, you can start another, either by making a note on the existing map into a container or starting a new map in a separate container. The latter can’t be done if you are just using the root-level map that opens by default (as you’re already at the highest level in the document).

You can nest a note as simply as by dragging one note over another until you see a red surround, then dropping. The dropped note now becomes a child of the dropped-on note.

The drag/drop works well in map view as you say.

If I am in outline view however how can I move a note into a container? Drag/drop does not seem to work there; I have been using the Container attribute to move items. Is there a way to do it in Outline view using the GUI instead?

You can demote any note into its parent by pressing tab (or shift-tab to re-promote it as a sibling). But drag-drop_does_ work as well.

Drag the note via it’s title and as you move over the outline you will see an insertion rule - see more detail here.

Aha - I see now. I did not realize that how much I align it left/right impacts the indentation and thus whether it becomes a sibling or a child. That solves it. Thanks.

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You could consider using Smart Adornments. It all depends on your process and structure. Check out: Tinderbox Training Video - Adornments, Smart Adornments, and Adornment Designators.

Or just create a regular adornment with the bounds you prefer. Create notes inside the adornment: there you are! (You probably want to lock this adornment so you can use grabby hand scrolling without moving it.)


The latter is also very useful to set a border/cropping boundary if you export the map as an image (see Edit menu).

I find the map overview extremely helpful both to find my way around a document as a whole and for locating the notes not directly visible when entering a container. It always works well in my smaller documents and in the containers (which are indeed relatively small too), but I cannot get the overview to show the entire map in larger documents. Only the top half. Can I fix this somehow?

I’ve ont encountered this, or head it mentioned before. It might be worth contacting Eastgate and sending a copy of the file so they can see/reproduce the issue.

Yes, I will do that. There is also a problem when I let go of the “Ctrl+Opt+Cmd” after placing the cursor where I want to go in the larger map, where the map view remains blank until I use the grabby hand to move it. It works perfectly in my smaller maps and in containers, so it is a bit strange. What is the preferred mode of contacting @eastgate with such an issue? A dedicated email?

Formal Tinderbox Tech Support is at info@eastgate.com. HTH :slight_smile:

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