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New user needs help with styling task list

Greetings everyone!

I’ve been using Tinderbox for about a week so fairly new. I’m a bit lost with the differences between Action/Rule, but here’s what I’m trying to do:

I have a prototype, Task, with a custom user attribute of IsCompleted (type boolean). When a task has IsCompleted set to true , I want to style the task note title as green. Here’s what I have in the Rule for the prototype:

if($IsCompleted==true){$Color="bright green"};

When I toggle IsCompleted, nothing happens. Any ideas?

Action: runs once when a note is created in, or moved into a container.

Action edge case: Action fires once for items created on/moved onto a smart adornment.

Agent Action: the $AgentAction code fires once per agent cycle on all note matching the query, i.e. with child aliases in the agent.

Rule: runs constantly (looping through the underlying document outline). The Rule fires once per cycle, with focus on the the note being processed. Any attribute reference without an offset is thus a reference to the current note.

Edict: acts like a rule but run once: document open, edict code edit, key attribute value edits, otherwise c. once per hour. IOW, a slow-burn rule.

if($IsCompleted==true){$Color="bright green"};

So, if $IsCompleted is true set a value of “bright green”. It now stays that way until some code changes it. I think you want the latter to occur but haven’t coded for that event. So this:

  $Color="bright green";

which, more succinctly, is:

if($IsCompleted==true){$Color="bright green";}else{$Color=;};

Will reset $Color to its doc default if $IsCompleted is true.

Thanks for the clarification! This is working now. I’ll have more questions sooner than later, I assume. :wink: