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New Zoom Meetups 2020-10-10 @ 9:00 am PDT and 2020-10-14 @ 7pm PDT

Here’s the placeholder for next week’s meetup.

We’ll have a second meetup on Wednesday, 14 October, at 7PM PDT — a time more convenient for Asia and the Pacific (where it will be Thursday!). Same link, same agenda.

Please reply with any suggestions for the agenda. As a teaser…


  • Mark B will demo the next release of Tinderbox (this may be postponed to the following week).

For anyone wanting to see v8.8.0 changes beofe today’s meet, see: https://www.acrobatfaq.com/atbref8/index/ChangeLog/v880b4796Oct2020.html

Another great meetup! Thank you, All!

I’m very excited about 8.8 and what it brings to one of my favorite tools for thinking!

Here’s the chat: chat.txt.zip (3.5 KB)

Thanks great session. Sorry I had to slip away, chef de partie duties awaited.

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These meetups are always especially awesome when Marks A and B are present. I’m always thankful to you both. The amount of knowledge and understanding you both have is prodigious and everyone benefits.

Thank you, both! :bowing_man:‍♂


BTW, during the meet I realised I’d missed a parameter from wordsRelatedTo() that changed the URL (thus the updated URL posted in chat. I also realised I’d omitted String.containsAnyOf(). Both are now updated and affected aTbRef listings and the zipped TBX are also updated. Sorry for any confusion.

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Video from Saturday Meetup: https://vimeo.com/467166057


Hey, All,

There was no chat to upload other than a site Mark recommended as interesting:

I just now uploaded the video for Mark. I was going to do it first thing yesterday, but work was super crazy. Sorry about that! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

And the video is: https://vimeo.com/468959653

Thoroughly recommend Howard Oakely’s blog. He’s done some interesting experiments with Storyspace and Tinderbox. There will be come overlap in these queries, but they sohuld jump you to stuff of interest:

Storyspace: https://eclecticlight.co/?s=Storyspace
Tinderbox: https://eclecticlight.co/?s=Tinderbox

Out of his work as a Mac Tech journalist he’s also got all sorts of useful tools and reports in issues like OS release/update glitches. For those who (still!) use newsreaders his site has an RSS feed (full-articles, not just teaser text).

Here’s one article that might pique the interest of classicists: ’ Parallel Text in Tinderbox 7: Porting Metamorphoses Book 1

(I guess I should point out as disclaimer that I, and probably @eastgate too, had a hidden hand in the background of some of the blog’s articles on these apps.

Thanks, really enjoyed the video. Interesting to hear concordance-related work discussed.

I hope to make Saturday (17th) meet and would be interested to follow up on @Sylvaticus point about terminology consistency (I’m sure aTbRef offends in that regard after some 16 years of incremental content).

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