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Newbie Question About Navigation

I haven’t been able to recreate the behaviour but:

From time to time, when moving notes around in Map view, it seems I am able to drag the note without holding down the mouse button. I accidentally hold a key combination whilst clicking on the note and can drag the note around just by moving the mouse without holding down a mouse button any longer. This little trick that I do accidentally from time to time is a real time saver, but I can’t seem to find how to recreate it. I’ve searched the forum and the help docs…Any ideas anyone? What am I doing right? Thanks so much and apologies for the dumb noob question.

I don’t think this is an intended Tinderbox behavior.

It might perhaps be an interaction with a keyboard macro manager like Keyboard Maestro, something link that.

I can’t say I often want this. If you need to move a note a long way, consider zooming out, moving it, and then returning to normal scale (⌘-0).

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