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NewbieQ - What is the general philosophy for changing application defaults?

Hi All!! Thank you for this amazing resource…

My question pertains to defaults; what is the general approach to setting things such as:

  • width of the note panel in the main view.
  • attributes of default notes/adornments/agents (dimensions/characteristics).
  • location of the first note on a background if I just hit “Enter”, and on returning to that particular view, how do I ensure that first note is visible, that is, not tucked away outside of the active viewable area? (sorry if this sounds convoluted).

And, a navigational q - if you wander among notes for a bit, is there a breadcrumb-trail keyboard shortcut for walking back the way you came?

Thanks so much again! This app is a wonder IMO, as is the wonderful Mr. Bernstein!


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  1. It rather depends on your task at hand, your window size and your available screen(s) size. I don’t really think of a default as I simply alter the split as the need arises. I don’t think you can set an app level custom default for this anyway. So, each new doc will open the same and remember whatever customisations you then apply during use.
  2. I generally back this off to prototypes, once i’ve figured out the differences (at scale) that I want between differing groups of notes.
  3. I don’t think you can but it’s easy to blind-type the note name as Tinderbox will scroll and select the note.
  4. A breadcrumb-like trail of notes viewed? No, the old (up to v5) version has a History view but it got dropped as (I think) few seemed to use it. I believe in current Tinderbox you can use Note -> Go Back to retrace the last link or return to the last selection.

Thanks Mark, and for all your work on the awesome TbRef!!

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