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Next Zoom Meetup 2020-09-26

Apologies for the delay. I thought I had set up this up after the last one.

9AM Pacific
Noon Eastern
1800 CEST

Here’s the Zoom link:


  • (if present) @JFallows’ question
  • (if present) @mwra research docs and values(“SomeAttr”) -> $Text -. Explode -> link new notes to referenced notes model
  • (if present) @CSH demo exporting maps to BoxPress

Please reply with any suggestions and I’ll add them to the agenda.

Hope see you all on Saturday!

I should make it this week and happy to show some of my big research docs. No smart workflow, more incremental formalisation. Also IIRC someone wanted to the the values(“SomeAttr”) -> $Text -. Explode -> link new notes to referenced notes model.

If there, happy to do either both, but I’d like to suggest that’s put at the back of the line after other folks questions.

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Could you put times in your posting, please?

sorry, everyone

Hello! Shall I prepare to give a demo of map export in BoxPress? The wifi issue has been resolved.

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Hi @Sylvaticus. It would be awesome to dive deeper into Scott’s @CSH Tool “BoxPress” to better understand and even learn this great option of exporting our Maps as fully interactionable Webpages. I just love it.

So please add this to the agenda … or at least let me know when it will be featured in one of the upcoming Meetups.

BTW: Will this Meetup (26th of Sept) be recorded?


@CSH, @andreas,

Added to the agenda. :grinning:

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Great @Sylvaticus. Thank you!

And the Meetup will be recorded?


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Thanks @Sylvaticus!

Just a note on terminology: I will be showing how people can export their Tinderbox maps as clickable imagemaps using BoxPress, which is a generic export system for Tinderbox. BoxPress converts the Tinderbox entity inside a TBX (maps, outline, links, text) to an HTML/CSS/JS module that can be read by everyone.

BoxPress is merely the launchpad.


:+1: Yes, we’re recording and sharing all meetups.

Thanks Scott. Very Interested in BoxPress. What I would like to see is…

  1. Steps to take my tinderbox file and use BoxPress.
  2. Where do I put the file
    3 Where are the export settings
  3. What are the most common settings I should use to practice and get started.
  4. How to export? Options

To me…that would be a good start…BoxPress 101 for Dummies

I just want to know how to learn the basics to get started


I’me thinking about adding a time slot that would be more palatable for Asia, Australia and New Zealand.

For discussion: how about alternate Wednesdays?

• 10 PM Eastern Wednesday
• 7 PM Pacific
• 1200 Sydney Thursday
• 1100 Tokyo
• 1000 Beijing
• 0730 Kolkata

(Someone, please check my calculations!). This seems impossible for Europe but tolerable elsewhere.

I’m wide open for suggestions.

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Hello all. BoxPress 2.3.1 is ready for download, in case you’d like to cook along during the demo. It includes a bunch of (important) fixes for pasting-in your already-made notes.

Thanks to the vigilant Tinderbox Forum member and beta tester who just right now pointed out that the zip archive contained everything except the BoxPress TBX itself. So if you downloaded it more than 10 minutes ago, you received an … empty box. Sorry about that!

You can download the full version now. Here is the link:



Thanks for this wonderful offering to the Tinderbox community and all the work that has gone into it.

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Other members are more than welcome to host meetups! That said, I am still up at 7p PDT. My workday ends around 1p PDT.

@PaulWalters, is there a week night that works well for you? Would Tuesday or Thursday work? Good point about the workday, though.

Saturday is often the night people go out. Sunday is prep for the coming horror of Monday. :scream: Still, I’m willing to host a meetup on Saturday evening at 5p? 6p? 7p? even 8p? And again: others are beyond welcome to start a meetup!

I wonder if a post or a spreadsheet would be the best way to capture votes for days and times. I supposed starting with a post works.

@Sylvaticus Thanks so much for running another really interesting meet-up.


My pleasure as always, @mwra! I love these!

The video is here: https://vimeo.com/462432932

Thank you for sharing the video recordings!

I was unable to join the last few meetups, and it’s been fun to catch up with them online later.

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